New Model? New Cam Girl?

Getting into the industry can sometimes be a struggle and even scary depending on how much knowledge you have on where to go and who to work with. I decided to write about how I got into both industries and what has worked best for me. Everyone is different and everyone has a different style or taste, so remember to stay true to yourself. These are just tips for anyone needing a little guidance or extra ways to make it further.


Whether it's your first shoot or you're 100th, it's always good to find new information on shooting and safety. One of the BIGGEST issues in the industry for women is the issue of safety. Here are some tips on how to stay safe and be sure about who you're working with. Go through this checklist when considering any photographer and also how to find work and grow your network.

1. Does the photographer tag or name his models in the photos they're posting or sending as examples? Be wary of photographers who won't give you names of models they've worked with for reference or don't seem to have any tagged photos on their pages. Most photographers today, who use social media and websites, are willing to give references to show that they have experience and other models can speak for their shoot experience. It's ok if occasional models remain anonymous, but if they have NONE on their page, tagged, named or otherwise, I recommend taking an assistant to the shoot or requesting more information from them before booking.

2. How do they talk to you and treat you when discussing shoot ideas and scheduling? Professionally speaking, photographers shouldn't be "hitting" on you when scheduling. It's fine if they compliment your work and let you know they like your style, look, or work, but if it comes off as flirting and makes you uncomfortable speak up. If they don't respect that you don't want to communicate like that then don't move forward with shooting or you could end up in a shoot where they make you feel uncomfortable or even try touching or saying inappropriate things.

3. How do you find people to work with? Instagram and social media is one of the BEST resources for networking these days and is basically like a social media portfolio. Treat your IG as a business page and try to post what you would want to use in promotion or gaining work with photographers you'd like to work with. It's ok to post personal content but remember that it's your image you're trying to build online so figure out what type of style or look you're going for and make it your own. Start following people you'd like to work with, start by looking around for local people, and once you find two or three you can scroll through their page, checkout the models they've worked with, and find new photographers based on those models pages by seeing who they've worked with. Some days when I'm looking for people to work with I will go from page to page scouting for new talent and finding work that really makes me say "wow I'd love to work with them". Facebook groups are also great. Most major cities and even states have group photographer and model pages you can join to connect with other creatives. Do your research. The internet is an amazing tool.

4. Model Mayhem. I started out finding paid work on this site and it can be good for networking when traveling. I recommend really doing research when scheduling with people on here because there have been known scammers. Browse the site and get to know how to really market yourself on there and you can book plenty of work through MM.

These are just a few tips for models, but one of the biggest things is promoting yourself. Make sure you interact online and on your social media regularly to build your following. Apply to magazines, blogs, pages, and try to network with other models whenever you can. Word of mouth is the best promo you can get!

Cam Girls.

First, I'd like to start by warning anyone who wants to be a cam girl that this is not an industry for those who are worried about people finding out. If you don't want your nudes or your porn to be seen by people you know then DO NOT CAM!!!!! There is always a risk that someone you know will find out and I would hate for anyone to feel ashamed for jumping into the industry because you can't take it back once you've started.

Now, if you're still willing to take a dive, let's talk about the best ways to get into the industry and how best to market yourself!

Do you want to live cam or do a premium snap? Or both? I started out with a premium snap and the best part about that is you can post when you want, the show stays up for 24 hours, and your members can access it on their own time. You just have to decide how you'd like to take payments for memberships. There are websites like Patreon, Fancentro, and other premium specific websites you can join. Research their fees and see if you like how they run their charges and decide based on preference. I started on Patreon but after they took away the ability to do more risky posts publicly, I decided to build my own website using Wix, which is the site you're on now. BE CAREFUL. Some websites DO NOT allow porn and adult content so make sure to read their rules and regulations. Just like some payment processors don't allow porn sales. Find what works best for you and then start building your info.

You can also take direct payments but be careful, apps like paypal and some payment apps can shut you down and take your money if they find out you're doing adult content. Don't allow people to add notes for what their paying for to make sure you keep it secret and protected. Taking direct payments also allows you to run lifetime sales if you need money quick. Again, this is all based on preference and how you'd like to run your page!

Now it's time to make and post content! It's all about being yourself and finding your own style for content. I like to switch it up and always cater to whatever preferences are on my page. Have fun! Fans love to see your personality shine in your shows and don't be afraid to be silly and be whoever you wanna be. It's almost like playing dress up and getting sexy while getting paid. I like to match my toys to my outfits, decorate my room so that the posts are more appealing to watch and it truly makes it come to life!

Interact with your members. The more you give them a personal experience and make them feel included the longer they'll want to stay a member! Send them personal snaps, messages, give them a piece of you they won't get on your public pages and really make your members feel like a part of something special!

Rather live cam?

Sometimes it's a little harder to make money live camming so be ready to work a little harder! Just like premium, it's about setting a mood and making your viewers feel special, like the show is something they wouldn't get anywhere else! The main cam sites are Chaturbate and MFC but I'm sure there are others. Chaturbate tends to be more interactive with apps and add ons than MFC, but sometimes it's nice to be able to cam on either site, which is why I'm on both. The best thing is to research the site, play around with the settings, find what works best for you and then make it your own.

Just like model promo, you have to promote your camming just as much. It's all about making sure people know you have content, what sites your on, and giving them a tiny idea of what they're missing so they can be teased into wanting more! Try not to make content repetitive on all of your sites and make it a little different on each so that they have a reason to follow all accounts. Twitter is a great social media app for adult content creators because they allow all content including porn.

Both industries take a lot of research and networking, so if you have a question that I didn't answer feel free to ask! I'm always open to discussing and always down to help promote models and cam girls alike! I hope this helps with getting started and inspires some to take a leap of faith!


Miss Faye

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