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About Miss Faye

Born and raised in Ohio and currently living in Columbus. My heart truly is with the ocean though I find myself always home in the wilderness. I have the most adorable kittens, Topper Joseph (Top Top), Dr. Pepper (wee smol), and Gandalf the Stray (sweet boy).

 (RIP Kinslee Marie).

I also have a large collection of little plant babies I'm learning all about. I'm big on family time and having those around me I can count on and be there for, and this goes for my pets, too!

I started picking up different hobbies when I was quite young. I started practicing photography and modeling around the same time when I was in high school. Not only do I enjoy being behind the camera capturing moments that bring smiles to faces, but I also enjoy working the camera and personally inspiring people. I'm looking to work with creative people and hopefully work my way into bringing change to this beautiful planet. 

2022 is a year to live to the fullest.

Working towards creating new non profits and systems to help create a more beneficial world.

Meet Miss Faye

Measurements / Sizes / Stats

Bust: 32 (Cup B/C)

Waist: 23

Hips: 32

Height: 5'3''

Weight: 98lbs

Dress: 00 / XS / S

Shoes: 5.5 / 6

Pants: 00R / XS

Tops: XS / S

Ring: 4.75

Piercings: Double ears, industrial, cartilage, septum, both sides nose, belly

Tattoos: 2 stomach, 1 back, 1 each wrist, both forearms, left thigh, 2 ankle, left ear

Birthday: July 25th
(Leo Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer Rising)

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