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Site Policies


  • NO MEETUPS!​ This is an online based experience and is intended for entertainment.

  • Dick pics are allowed for paying members ONLY.

  • Please send all future messages to the premium account unless your subscription has expired (email to renew or be readded)

  • No screenshots or saved messages without correct access or subscription (can be purchased or available with select memberships)

    • Screenshots should be limited to your favorite content. Anyone who screen​shots the majority of any story will be blocked immediately without warning due to the safety and security of the account

  • Personal requests will be sent when earned / paid for

  • I post social media updates, please check all media before reaching out as this saves time on questions needing answered

  • See the schedule for off days / live schedule. If I'm off please save requests for when I'm back online or working that day

  • Deleting your membership equals account expiration and you will be removed without warning. After removal you will need to email me or contact me on my public accounts to be added back


Privacy Policy


By subscribing to you are agreeing not to share any information given for your subscription access or share any downloaded content. Subscribing to this site only gives you access for the duration of your subscription and is subject to change or cancel at any time. Sharing private info is against the terms and will also cause immediate termination and removal of your subscription access.


Return Policy


There is a 0% refund policy on all subscriptions and instant membership subscriptions (unless duplicate transactions are made).


There is a 0% refund policy on used panties, socks, or any merchandise previously worn/used by Miss Faye for sanitary reasons. Replacement merchandise will only be sent in the event proof can be provided there is something wrong with the package. After 2 replacements you will no longer be able to purchase worn items from the store, any future purchases will be refunded and canceled.


Prints, polaroids, booklets, any untouched merchandise has a 14-day return policy from the date of delivery! Proof must be shown that the product was damaged and replacement inventory will be sent. No replacement? A refund will be issued in the event the item cannot be replaced.

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