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..and then he took me home

He opens the door to the bronco as I climb into the passenger side seat and wait for him to tuck my dress in before he kisses me hard and deep and then closes the door.

I wasn’t truly over what happened at the restaurant yet so as I’m trying to come to my senses, I don’t even notice him getting in the car next to me and leaning over to pull me in for a kiss.

So much fire behind that action. So much intention behind holding me in that embrace and refusing to let me go until he knew he had enough. And I had a feeling enough was a long ways away for tonight. I felt his hand slide from the top of my thigh to the curve of my hip and linger in the shadows that play near that sensitive place. I felt his fingers start to dance as he trembled a little from the restraint I knew he had to have. I knew if it weren’t for the sheer bliss he felt from the game we played, he would have already had me in the car in this very parking lot. Maybe even the restaurant bathroom had the walk to the car not been so short. I giggled softly to myself knowing I wouldn’t have minded any one of those options.

“Something funny, princess?” One single soft laugh and then his lips were against my neck. He paused there, mouth slightly open with his lips just barely touching me, I almost wouldn’t know he was there if it wasn’t for his breath warming me and sending chills down my spine.

His hand started to move again as he trailed from my hip up my side tickling that spot he knows I hate so much. I let out a giggle and he gently grazed my neck with his teeth and then sealed it with a kiss. My back arched from the feeling and he moved his hand to my back to pull me closer to him. His other hand slid to my hair and grasped a handful as he BIT me.

I let out a surprised moan as I said “so will it be the car or the house?”

He laughed so deep I could feel it in my bones though his teeth didn’t let up, they just held on firm. This was his game and I was just his pretty little pawn in it.

His nose trailed up to my ear as his hand on my back went back to the shadows of my thigh and grabbed me softly. I could feel his lips caressing the tips of my ear and down to kiss just under my lobe.

I could feel a smile spreading before the words hit me. “It will be the house, princess, I wouldn’t dare let our first time after so long be in the back of a fucking vehicle” his hand fell from my hair as he traced the side of my cheekbone “I have so much more respect for you than that. But as for right now…mmm…let’s just say the thrill of being watched or caught is still lingering from dinner.” His hand went back to my hair and his lips met mine again.

Only…his hand on my thigh started to travel deeper into that shadow until it slid under my skirt and in between my legs that were conveniently wide enough for him to take whatever he wanted. And he did just that.

He didn’t take his time teasing me like he did under the table, oh no. His whole palm slid over the bundle of nerves, a few fingertips at a time to start and then his fingers until his palm was firmly pressed against me. His fingertips playing in the wetness I knew was sitting underneath them. He was just using me to get himself wet because he could and I loved that he knew it was waiting for him.

I was waiting for him. I had been waiting for him for so long and he never came back. I never let it bother me because truly it didn’t, but what did was the feeling lying deep inside me that craved him. A feeling that didn’t happen too often but when it did, made me someone I almost didn’t recognize. Someone willing to give anything…to be used by another, for pleasure and pain, and to finally submit.

But tonight was about pleasure as he softly played with the delicate small petals that lined that heavenly hole he so sweetly caressed. He tenderly slipped a fingertip in just enough to feel the action but not enough to do any real damage to my failing stability. I wouldn’t be sitting upright in this seat very much longer if he wanted to play the slow game. I was already a mess from dinner and he was acting like we were starting all over like nothing had happened.

His kisses on my neck became more. More passionate. More rough. More…hungry. It was like he was becoming ravenous the more he touched me and I was starting to get dizzy again.

“Um..” his kisses paused but his lips didn’t move from my neck and his fingertips still teasingly played between my thighs “I love all of this but I am getting just a bit light headed and I need you to go a little slow for a moment till I catch my breath. I think I might have stopped breathing for a moment.” I chuckled. I didn’t even realize it till I said it out loud but it was true. When his teeth found my skin as he kissed me, that was what started the dizziness. I loved it, I just needed to be lying down to enjoy it.

“I’ll do anything you say, princess,” he embraced me and it soothed the last bit of the dancing lights in my eyes “as long as you don’t quit on me just yet, that is as long as you’re able to keep going?” He leaned his head to look back at me and I shook my head yes. He nodded in agreement. “Slow it is then.”

His embrace felt so nice after all the highs and lows from dinner that I didn’t realize I might have needed it. Needed to He was the first person in so long to touch me, to feel me, in so long that I was afraid to be touched. Afraid to let someone use me in a way that could leave me feeling drained and empty. Yet in this embrace I felt safe. I knew he would take care of me tonight. Even as he pushed me to the edge, making me take the full length of him, I knew I was safe.

I was just starting to settle into his chest a little when I felt his hand move again. I had forgotten it was still there because he was making sure I knew the embrace was more important. We could get back to playing whenever, and that time was now. His fingertips started their dance again, but we had sat their for a moment not doing anything so he lifted his fingers, opened my mouth, spit in it, stuffed his fingers in and made me get them wet, and then returned his palm to the tingling bundle of nerves. His fingertips found the entrance and slowly he traced his wet tips around the outside circle and then let his fingers slide in just enough so I could feel him in me. He worked slowly, in and out, back and forth, swirling inside me the deeper he went and painting me with the wetness that dripped from him.

It was like at that moment I realized I was finally allowed to moan because we were in the car and the sound I let out was so desperate he plunged his fingers so deep in me my moan turned to a cry.

“Fuuuck, you’re gonna make it hard not to have you right here in this car,” and he grabbed my hand placed it lightly on his hard length. Throbbing, he was throbbing “but just because I won’t have you right here doesn’t mean I won’t have that pretty mouth. If I do recall, it almost got us in trouble at dinner for being too noisy. Isn’t that right?” He smirked as his fingers started thrumming inside me, nice and steady just enough to get what he was after.

“I’ll still lick it up” he laughed as I moaned.

I heard it before I could feel it as he smiled at the mess he created that was now on the seat. “Well at least it happened in the car and not at dinner.” I said half out of breath as I was starting to feel the pleasure rising from his movements inside me. He switched from quick back and forth flicks to long slow strokes in and out. Those were my favorite. Not just because of how good it felt, but because of how he did it.

He didn’t just push his fingers in and out but instead he took his time with me. He kept his palm flat to my bundle of nerves so that every time he slipped his fingers in and out he would stroke them. It was like he was feeling me, learning my body, studying the folds and pressure points. He didn’t just finger me, he held me from the inside out as he moved his hand back and forth.

He must of realized how much I enjoyed that part because he stopped switched back and forth and just kept stroking me. In and out over and over it was intoxicating. His hand felt smooth as silk as he glided in and out effortlessly finding every spot that ached with a need for him to touch and fill. All the while his other hand went back and forth between grabbing my hair and kissing my neck or holding me pressed against his chest and lightly laying a kiss on my head.

He felt inside of all of me; my mind, my body, my soul, as he stroked and caressed every part of me from the inside out. He pressed me to his chest as his fingers sank so deep they drew a cry from me that almost sounded like pain but in truth was just pure desperation for him.

He withdrew and lightly played with the bundle of nerves as he said “are you ok to keep going?”

I took a few deep breaths before responding, pulling him tighter to me so he knew I still wanted to be touched. He responded in unison and squeezed back, letting his other hand rest on the back of my neck while I settled myself.

“Yes, I’m ok to keep going. It just…it just felt so good. It was like I was on the edge of cumming but also wasn’t. Every stroke in and out felt like magic. I feel a little hot and a little dizzy still but I’m ok. I wanna keep going. Please..I said I would do anything..” I looked at him with eyes I knew he would understand.

He knew that look. That look that begged to be not only seen but heard, touched, loved, fucked, hurt and pleased. The girl who wanted so bad to surrender herself to someone, anyone, who would care for her as she so desperately needed. Someone who would take their time to learn her, all of her, so that when she gave it all to him, he wouldn’t just do it for himself or even just to do it. No. That’s been done so many times before.

I knew he enjoyed the pleasure he gave me which is why it felt like he was learning my body. He watched me as he touched me and began to feel out those places no one seems to ever find. Those places that take someone’s patience and confidence to play until they found it. He listened to the way I moaned as his fingers swirled inside me and he matched his rhythms to the rise and fall in my volume and sounds.

“As long as you’re ok, but if I keep going my seat is going to be extremely hard to clean after this.” He was right. I looked down between my legs as he moved his hand to the side and there was a mess all under me and all over him.

I blushed “I’m so sorry I promise I can clean it for you tomor—“

“It’s ok, princess. Do you think if I’m willing to lick it from you that I can’t handle cleaning it from my seat?” He kissed my cheek and then whispered in my ear “speaking of things to taste.”

And I knew.

I knew it was my time. He had been pleasing me up until this point knowing that if he got me right to the edge enough times, eventually he would get that look in my eye to appear. The one that says I’ll swallow him whole and lick the taste off my lips. He knew I needed to be pleased more because, well, I just keep to myself a lot more. I have a hard time seeking out pleasure and it comes more easy for him. He knew that as he pleased me all night, knowing he would get me so dazed, it would only take a slight mention of the being in my mouth before I would be all over him.

“Mmm why didn’t you say something sooner you know I love my job.” My hands went straight to his hips as I grabbed him, letting him know I was ready for it to be my turn in control for a while. Not too long though, because I knew what was waiting for me just after this car ride.

But not now.

Not as I kissed my way from his cheek down his neck and my hand found his hard length just begging to be set free. He groaned and I could feel my stomach drop at the sound. It was beautiful to hear him react to my touch.

“Please don’t stop moaning, I love the way it sounds.” I grabbed him knowing he would do just that. He throbbed in my hand as I stroked the mere imprint of him as best I could. It’s not enough. I needed more than just this.

“Let me help you.”

I continued to kiss down his chest and playing with the bottom of his shirt to touch his beautiful body underneath. By the time I made my way down to the bottom, leaving a trail of kisses and a few bites behind, my treat was waiting for me to have my way with.

“I forgot how big you are.” And he was. I started to remember those moments when he stretched and pushed me to my limits the first time we were together. I didn’t care. I knew if he was patient with me I could take it. I would take it. I was drooling just looking at him.

“Just go slow.”

I shook my head as I took him into my mouth, not even pausing to tease and play before like I usually do. He had a salty taste to him but I loved it. My mouth answered with a warming pool of spit that dripped down his length. He leaned back against the door and seat and let himself relax a bit. I was going slow…for now…but it wouldn’t be long before he was strapping me in my seat belt to take us home.

“I forgot how good that mouth feels on my cock.” He moaned as I took as much of him as I can, and then pushed the rest of the way. The reaction I got was one of pure ecstasy. I was ready to watch him drown in pleasure.

I started to work a steady stroke up and down, working my hands and mouth at the same time and matching his body language as he rocked and bucked. The feeling of him on my tongue and my lips was exhilarating. I missed pleasuring him just for the pure bliss of watching him. I’m not even sure he realized how beautiful he looked in that moment.

I sat up, beginning to take my hand to my mouth to clean it but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me in to kiss him. “The least you could do is share, I mean I do.” And I laughed because he wasn’t wrong but I just never thought he would enjoy that.

I kissed him again and then took him back into my mouth as I spent time working on him until he sat me back in my seat and finally took us home.

Standing in his bedroom I looked around to try and take in the new space, but my mind was only focused on one thing.

The bed.

The one thing that meant soon he would truly be inside me. No more begging, no more teasing, just his body and mine. He was busy cleaning up a bit and taking a moment to himself so I took it upon me to make myself comfortable.

I didn’t sit for more than a second before he knelt down in front of me and pulled my heel to his shoulder.

“The only person who will be undressing you tonight will be me, is that understood?” His tone wasn’t entirely flat, but I could also hear a slight edge to it. There was that restraint again.

“Yes sir, I’ll let you do it.” I loved watching him strip me. He took his time with every part. Slowly unhooking my heel straps and setting them gently on the floor. He kissed the inner parts of my ankle. up my calf, around my knee, back and forth across my thigh and then back down to repeat the process.

Once the heels were gone and he was slowly nearing the top of my thigh, his kiss slowed almost to a halt until he slid his hands up and started slowly sliding the skirt of my dress up..up…

His tongue trailed behind his hands, tasting here and there until he finally found what he was searching for. “Finally” he groaned. His eyes were devouring me and then so was his mouth. His lips found me first as he kissed me softly. The act alone caused a rise in me I’m not sure my body was quite ready for yet. He kissed all over and around me, settling his final kiss on that now overstimulated bundle of nerves and gently sucking it into his mouth.

“Ohh fuuck.” The moan I let out was well overdo. I was ready to scream at this point I wanted him inside me so bad, but I wanted to enjoy wanted him eat his fill first.

As he sucked, his tongue licked the bundle he now held between his lips. He kissed me, the same way he would kiss me deeply and passionately, tasting me and devouring me. His lips never pressing too hard into me as he kissed and sucked and his tongue both lightly licking and also exploring inside me.

It had never been enough to make me cum, with anyone, but it felt amazing. It was the icing on my cake knowing what would come next. His hand moved from the bed, fingertips touching under my thigh, till he was inside me once again. The feeling of intense pleasure and ecstasy finding me yet again and my body aching and bowing with every touch.

With his lips pressed against me he said “you know, I would have enjoyed this dessert more at that beautiful dinner table,” I chuckled “maybe I should have had you there.”

“You know I probably wouldn’t have stopped you.”

He slid his hand under my back and pulled me back into a seated position and then said “arms up.” With ease he lifted my dress up over my head and onto the floor.

“It’s your turn.” I mused with excitement.

“Mm why don’t you come help me then and give me a little reminder of that time in the parking lot.”

He stepped closer to me and my hands instinctively went to his hips again. My mouth kissing his imprint till I nipped at his belt. He undid it and I slowly pulled him out to continue what I started.

My mouth was dripping again as I took him in and out. His head fell back and I knew I was hitting the spot. I worked him over and over till I knew he would be ready when I asked.

I took one long last drag up his length and as the tip fell past my lips I looked up at him. “Will you….”

Concern rose in his eyes. “What is is baby? What can I do for you?” He placed his hand on my cheek.

I didn’t wanna ask. I hated asking. Hated knowing that no matter how bad I wanted him, no matter how much I enjoyed being pleasured by him, I knew it would still be hard to take him. I knew he was just big enough he would hit the limits inside me no matter how much I wanted to take him fully. And for that I hated what I had to ask of him.

“Baby you know you can ask for anything, I won’t judge you.”

“I know I just..” I just got tired of asking for someone to take it slowly only to be ignored and unheard and still get hurt. I got tired of hearing how it feels less good, it’s not the same, it’s not as fun, I had heard it all. All because all I wanted was for someone to take it easy with me and allow my body to feel…safe. At the heart of it all I just wanted to know that no matter how deep I let him in, I would be safe. “I just hate asking for you to go slow or not go as deep when I’m sure it’s not as enjoyable while doing it.” It had to be said.

“I’m only gonna tell you this once, princess” the heat behind his tone was scolding and I was a little afraid of what might come next. Then he knelt in front of me and put his hand on my thighs “you should never feel ashamed or guilty for asking for your needs. If it helps you enjoy the moment and feel better, it would make me enjoy it more knowing it was better for you.” He kissed the tops of both my thighs and then worked his way up to my neck and cheek and…then his lips were on mine as he started to pull me slowly, firmly into him. Effortlessly he picked me up and moved me back so that my head rested on the pillow, his body swallowing me as he hovered above drinking in my looks up and down.

“I’m nervous.” I barely even got the whisper out.

He brought his body down to meet mine and smother me in warmth as his hands slid under the pillows and perched under my neck to prop me up more for him. That sweet taste of his lips would never be enough and all too quickly he pulled away.

“There’s nothing to be nervous about, princess, you just have to let me know what you need. No matter what, tell me how you feel.”

“Yes sir.”

I was blushing but he didn’t waste a moment as he slid a hand down and under my back making me arch under him. His teeth on my neck and suddenly I could feel something pressed up against that sensitive bundle of nerves that were aching from this evening.

Him. It was him pressed against me. Moving back and forth slowly over that sensitive skin in between my legs. Not enough to go in, just enough to tease me with the tip. He was testing the waters, playing with how sensitive I was to see how much I could handle. We hadn’t even fucked yet and already we had done so much and my body was still overwhelmed.

“Is this too fast or are you ready for more?” I could feel the tip teasing the opening, he pushed as if to ask if he could come in.

“Please more, please sir.” I whimpered onto his lips as I felt a grin spread across his.

He chuckled lightly, “are you sure, princess? I’m not sure you really want it and I can’t continue until I’m absolutely sure.” He was taunting me. Pushing me to see how much I would beg. Lucky for him I was in no fighting mood tonight, he would get everything he wanted and more.

“Please sir I’ll do anything you say, anything you want me to do. Don’t tease me anymore please give me what I need!” I started to shake under him from the desperation rising in my throat. I didn’t realize until that moment just how much I really did need him inside me. Needed him to touch me, to FEEL me. “My body is yours to do with as you please, just please stop making me wait!” I was nearly gasping for air as I begged.

“Easy princess,” he set his forehead to mine and a hand under my neck while the other hand gripped my hip “I don’t want you losing any unnecessary energy than I need from you right now.” I felt his hips push the insides of my thighs open just a bit more…

…right as I felt him push through just enough, and finally he was inside me.

The excitement from dinner to the car started to take over as I realized I was finally getting what I wanted. The heat in my veins boiling as he slowly worked in and out, staying just towards the tip as he let me stretch around him and adjust to his size.

“That’s it princess, open up for me.” A little further. His strokes stayed slow and patient as my body relaxed under him, I felt his hand on my neck slip into my hair and tug. He purred in my ear and I could tell this was him showing restraint. I knew if he had it his way he wouldn’t have been so slow with me and I might not have lasted very long. Still, he didn’t speed up. His hard length slipping more easily in and out as my body reacted in harmonious ecstasy. He’ll be stripping the bed sheets after tonight.

“More, please.” As I exhaled through my words, he listened and acted. Sinking deeper into me until I could almost feel him reaching that pesky little spot he loved to hit so much. He stopped just before and withdrew till he was stroking that bundle of nerves with his wet length.

The cry I let out was unholy as he clamped his hand over my mouth. I ripped his hand away. “NO PLEASE DONT STOP!” I was squirming under him now and he was just laughing.

I was a second away from letting out a scream when he was diving deep inside me again. This time further than the last. Still not fully taking him, he worked back and forth, over and over as I moaned and bucked my hips under him for more. It was as if the slower he went the more wild I became, and he knew I was building up for a final release so big I didn’t know what would hit me just yet.

“That’s it princess, just like that. Take my cock just like that.” His purrs made my stomach flip as he kissed and caressed me, filling me over and over. “Fuck you look so beautiful when you take it.”

A little deeper and his size finally started to hit me and my body tensed up. For a moment I could feel myself getting nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to handle him and the guilt I would feel if I really couldn’t. I tried to hide it but he always knew when something changed in me.

“It’s ok princess you’re safe, just relax and open up for me. I won’t go any deeper until I know you’re ready, and I’ll wait patiently.” He did exactly that, his depth never increasing and his strokes staying just as slow as when he began. His thumb on back of my neck idly rubbing back and forth to soothe my nerves. His other hand rubbing little motions on my back as I slowly started to arch and sway under him again.

“Are you ok, princess? Does it feel good?”

“Yes sir.” And my moans agreed in response. My body sinking into his embrace and I felt my body open up just a little more.

Just enough that….that I felt him barely slide a little further. It was as if the tension that had shocked me earlier had disappeared with the patience he used on me. It was so hard to be afraid of him when every moment he made sure I was ok. The pulse thrumming in that heated place between my thighs was begging for more. I wasn’t sure if I was ready or not but I opened my thighs wide as my feet reached up and around his back and gently tugged him closer to me. He groaned in appreciation as I gave him what he had so patiently worked and waited for.

I let him all the way in.

I was so full I could feel him pushing on…something. It was that spot that usually made me have to stop because it would start to hurt. But right now? Right now it just felt like pleasure. Deep, unrelenting PLEASURE. As he held himself deep inside me he pressed his lips to mine and held himself there as we both moaned in relief, finally finding that place we both wanted so desperately to be.

“I’ve missed you inside of me so much.”

He kissed down my neck while he slowly picked up his pace, just barely moving at first and then with every thrust his desire finally started to show. He wasn’t just hungry, he was starving. His hands gripped my body and we began passionately dancing to the rhythm of our needs.

It was almost seamless the way he moved my body, picking me up and flipping me over before I even had a chance to blink. He was back inside of me even quicker, his hand gripping the front of my throat and his body pressed tightly to mine.

“You feel so fucking good inside me please don’t stop!” I cried out in pleasure as he filled me over and over, making sure I knew exactly who I was giving my body to.

“Who’s my good girl?” I was! I fucking was!

One more flip and I was facing him again. Our bodies so entwined I didn’t know where one began and another ended. His strokes going between slow and fast, making my release rise to the surface but slowing just before I could fall. Over and over he edged me till I knew exactly how I wanted to find my sweet release.

“You know I love it when you look at me like that.”

“It’s your turn, please cum inside me. Make me cum with you.” His eyes were burning with desire and determination. He knew I got what I wanted and he knew the only thing left that would truly set my body free would be to give me the only thing he had left.

“Only if you cum with me, princess.”

“Yes, please!” He thrust so deep in me I cried and clung tightly to him. Over and over he didn’t stop, didn’t let up, just held my body to his as he climbed to the top of his beautiful fall, taking me right over the edge with him. Our moans and cries rising and falling together the closer and closer we got.

Suddenly, I felt a knot in the back of my throat. It was as if all the emotions inside of me were being thrusted to the surface and I had no choice but to set them free. The pleasure was so overwhelming I felt like…like I might cry?

I did cry.

“Cum with me, princess, cum on my cock.” He moaned and bucked as his release found him and sent me so far over the edge I was absolutely a wreck. I could feel myself sobbing and moaning and crying. It was beautiful. It was like releasing every part of me and being held as I crashed and broke apart into pieces. There was something so heavenly in the destruction of my stability. I let my head fall to his shoulder as my cries softened into a light whimper, and eventually we were one.

Entangled. He hadn’t moved yet, still deep inside me as we held each other. Our breathing becoming even again and our pulse no longer beating out of our chests.

“Thank you.” I whispered.

“You don’t have to thank me, the pleasure was all mine.” And he gently kissed my forehead, my cheeks, my nose, and finally the softest touch of his lips to mine as he kissed me sweetly.

When we finally untangled ourselves, he sat idly rubbing my back for a bit while I laid on his chest. It was nice, just feeling close to someone. Feeling their skin on mine and the little sparks of electricity that still lingered there.

I didn’t know when I fell asleep, only that I woke up to a blanket thrown over me and his arms still wrapped around me as he found peaceful sleep. He had done so much for me that night that I don’t even think he realized. Nevermind that for the moment, as I laid my head back on his chest, and finally found sweet dreams. Should I bring back B for another story??

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Jul 08, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Very well written! Hot af!

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