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I hadn’t seen him in months but the desire was on the tip of my tongue. I could drink in his devilish good looks all night. From the moment he stepped in front of me all I wanted to do was to run my hands through that soft hair and trail my lips down his chest.

Took some convincing to get him to go out, but he knows what the attention does to me. The eyes in the room as they sneak glances to watch me walk by. The way their gaze slips lower to his hand on my thigh, no doubt secretly hushing the desire they feel as they watch us. Want us. Want that passion they can feel as he runs his hand between the slit of my dress, making me jump with chills and him giggle in devilish satisfaction.

He moves from his chair to take the booth next to me as we finish our meal and settle in for dessert. With his arm lazily resting behind me, I take a moment to settle into the warmth of his chest and play with the little opening where his shirts unbuttoned.

With him sitting next to me, only our upper bodies were visible to anyone within a seeing distance. His fingers began to dance on my thighs and play with the edges of my dress till the slit fell wide open. As I looked around to see if anyone noticed, he took my lack of attention to his advantage and placed his hand at the very top of my thigh and then slowly slipped in till he was stuck between.

“Mm, are you gonna open for me princess or do I need to do it for you?” His fingers wiggled almost as if repeating the question.

I giggled, slowly but barely parting my thighs as his hand followed suit, so close to feeling the warm, wet bundle of nerves waiting for his touch. No…craving for his touch. But just as he’s about to reach it, he pauses.

A smoldering, heated laugh. “Princess, you can’t expect me to excel in such..tight work environments” he purred as his nose tickled my cheek and brushed a soft kiss there.

“No sir,” I squeaked out “but what if the server comes back?”

He swept my hair from my neck and kissed me, grazing his teeth over my skin as the growl that erupted from his whole body rumbled in my chest. It was like my own body reacted in response as my thighs parted a little further, and the tips of his fingers slowly introduced themselves to my skin.

I almost whimpered on the spot but caught myself before it was noticeable to anyone but him.

But he still noticed.

He noticed and he wasn’t going to let this go. The corners of his mouth tipped up in a smile that screamed trouble. I knew I was in for it.

“Oh princess,” one finger hit those nerves, “don’t you know how much I adore your reactions? How much more fun it is to see you blush and panic that you might get caught?” As another finger brushed my throbbing nerves, I wasn’t sure how long I could handle being tortured so gently in this restaurant.

“Sir, please don’t tease me like this. I mean unless you want everyone to hear, but I can only keep quiet for so long.” And with that statement he slipped a finger in between my slit and sank deep..slow…oh so slow, until he found that spot. That unforgiving spot.

The light moan that escaped between my lips was silenced by the kiss he quickly pressed to keep me from drawing attention. As he kissed me one more time, he slowly worked his finger back and forth, feeling the pressure of his lips sink into mine before finally pulling back and sitting closely next to me. His fingers still lazily moving back and forth on that pesky little spot.

Just as I could feel him get ready to plunge even deeper and indulge in my greed, our server came by to refill drinks and drop off the check. Just what he was waiting for. His hand didn’t move for a single moment as she laid down the check and finished topping us off. As she turned to leave, I felt another finger slide next to the other as they dove further and further till there was no further he could go. I choked on my whimpers. I was all his.

And he knew it.

“You did so well behaving, I’m surprised I didn’t have to keep you quiet again” he chuckled.

“You’re awful.”

“And you’re awful wet, beautiful.”

And I was. To be completely honest I wasn’t sure how I was going to walk out of there without a noticeable spot on my dress, not that I would be that bothered by it, but I doubt the restaurant would be too pleased. But how was I gonna hide it if I did…

“Mmm did you get distracted, princess?” He started to slowly work his fingers in and out as he kissed my forehead and pulled me tight to his chest.

“Yes sir, I was thinking about the potential…noticeable mess from this and I was just worried.” And it wasn’t a lie. I didn’t wanna make anyone uncomfortable, but I just couldn’t say no to him. Ever.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Any of the mess you’re making is on my fingers and hand. If anything drips I’ll just have to make sure to add it to the bill as a second dessert.” His fingers flicked in agreement but slowed when the noises from between my legs got a bit too loud.


He purred in my ear as he continued to dive over and over into my cravings. Indulging me till I knew I couldn’t take it any longer. He knew I was getting close too, he didn’t even try to hide his impish grin.

“Not till I say when, princess, you know the rules.”

“Yes sir.”

But I wasn’t sure if I would be able to obey. My body didn’t want to wait. It had been so long since I had felt such intense pleasure and all I wanted was to let him push me over the edge and catch me as I fell. I needed it. Needed him to know exactly what he did to me and what he would always do to me.

“I can’t keep—.”

“Not yet, just a little longer.”

He picked up his speed and flicked that sensitive spot over and over inside me till I could feel my legs shaking on the seat. Fast, but not too fast. Just fast enough to keep me right on the edge, but just slow enough that he knew only he could push me when he was ready.

And there was nothing I could do. My pleasure was his.

I could feel the tightness in the low part of my stomach as the heat in my body made me flush with fever. How I wasn’t screaming in this damn restaurant is beyond me but he didn’t stop. He kept the steady pace knowing it was starting to drive me insane with how close to release I was.

“Please, I—“

“You what, you’ll do anything?”

I whimpered at his tone knowing begging would do nothing. There was no choosing, it was all his choice. My pleasure, my body, my desires; all his. I could feel my hand tightening its grip on his thigh the longer he kept me hanging on. So close, I’m so close I would do anything.

“Anything?” His voice like velvet.

“How did you—“

“Say it. Say you’ll do anything.” He wasn’t asking, he was telling me. I could feel the ownership in his words, feel it in the tips of his fingers as they thrummed musically inside of me. I could see it in his eyes as he held my gaze, devouring me with one look.

“I’ll…I’ll do anything.” I whispered.

Before I could say anything more his pace quickened and my body reacted so quickly I couldn’t stifle the moan that time. He wasn’t quick enough to cover my mouth so there was no stopping it. The waves of satisfaction rolled over me one after the other as he gave me everything I wanted. Chills racing down my spine as he slowly nuzzled his nose to the side of my neck and licked my skin gently before kissing me, sending me over and over the edge.

I was breathing heavy and a little lightheaded when I realized he had slowed almost to a stop and was staring at me with a smile.

I nervously giggled “what’s got you smiling like that?”

“You.” And I watched him slip his hand from between my thigh and put both fingers that were inside me in his mouth to lick them clean. I know I had just finished but I would let him take me right there on the table as I watched him lick me clean off his hand, every drop. Then he made sure to give me a taste of what was on his lips and it was so sweet I wanted to let my tongue dance on his lips to drown in the taste.

“Shall we head back to the house princess?” He held his hand out to me as he stood.

“I’m not even sure I can stand just yet, I feel a little light headed.” And I was. It was such an intense feeling I was still processing everything that happened.

He surveyed me as if deciding whether or not it was safe for me to stand by myself or not. “Well that just won’t do because I’m sure the restaurant won’t like the next things I wanna do to you.” He stepped closer to me and extended his arm down to help me stand up slowly.

“They might not like it but I would.” I said with a little more defiance than my body had stability for.

He chuckled and steadied me as I stumbled a little. “Careful, princess, can’t have you getting hurt before I get the chance to do it myself.”

“Oh?” Not what I was expecting but never a disappointment. He looked so playful as he helped me out of my seat and towards the door. I knew we were going to be in for a wild night.

“Don’t worry, we can go easy to start.” He said with a wink. We waved to our servers and other staff as we left, both of us noticing the cheeky grins some of them had. Apparently I wasn’t too quiet after all.

“Oh and don’t worry about the seat, or your dress, both are without evidence of the crime.”

I giggled under my breath and we headed home to where the next round of torture and pleasure awaited... to be continued..

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