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He f**ked me with his best friend

“I swear if I show up to this party and there’s not one cute boy there and I got dressed up for nothing I stg” Though it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve hoped for a little stranger fun and it just...didn’t work out. “I know a couple people here there HAS to be someone”

My pussy was already throbbing after being teased and taunted by men too far away. I’ve completely given up on the idea of someone forcing me to make the road trip to come sit on their cock, so, we’ve moved onto facing people in person and praying they don’t reject me.

I mostly just want someone to finally see that I actually like the aggressive nature. I WANT someone to come up behind me and slide their hand up my dress and stop just before they reach between my thighs to say: “I’ve been watching you, I like watching you” As he pulls me in..

Even as I think it my pussy drips just slightly and my tummy starts to flip with the excitement it brings. The confidence of a stranger to know just by subtle gestures that... I want them... And they are well aware I want them to please me...without words...

Even with the previous fear of hurt and rejection, I have hope that somewhere out there.. someone wants that same thing.. that rush of a person wanting you without even TOUCHING you first, without even speaking to you. There’s a silent energy between you.. a spark..a flame..

I pull up to the house, it’s homey, and the gardens that caress the house are reflections of beauty from the owner. It’s marvelous, almost enchanting. Before I even step out of my car I catch a glimpse of a sun kissed cutie and my tummy flutters a bit...

His hair is almost white in spots from the rays of the sun bleaching his tips. He turns the corner to another car near mine and he must have caught me staring because he almost laughs a bit..and winks at me. oh he’s just dreamy and I can just see my hands....

...playing through the tresses of his golden locks until my fingers tighten and pull just a tad. I wonder if he would like that too...... And with that thought I almost jet out of my car and skip my way past his little black car where I can see him turning to see me.. oh my..

He starts to call after me “HEY wait up, I’ll walk with you inside!” He emerges from the car carrying a small bottle of what looks like Jameson and a..bowl? He smokes? “That’s quite nice of youuu.....” “Damon...but you can call me baby” “Well’s a little forward to be using pet names this quickly, don’t you think? I mean, you don’t even know my name yet” as I say this he saunters up next to me and gives me a devilish smile. “Well, beautiful, what IS your name?” He takes my hand as if to kiss it...

Only to politely bow and gently tickle the tips of my fingers as he hesitates before letting go. my name...WHAT IS MY NAME?????????

“uhh *clears throat* but baby I see it only appropriate that you call me babe” “Well, babe, will you join me into the party?”

He leads me inside and I’m ushered into what is a masterpiece of Halloween decorations for this house party. We walk past girls in their best slutty bunny costumes dudes trying their best creepy pickup lines to impress them, past them to the kitchen where he introduces me to..

“Babe, this is my best friend Greyson” And turns around an almost identical twin, with dark brunette hair and tattoos on both arms and peaking out of his shirt on his neck.. “Hi, pretty thing, should I call you babe too? Or is Damon the lucky one here?” Is this real???

I’m not sure if I’ll insult Damon for flirting with his friend but I did just meet both of them. “Well, Greyson, you might have to fight Damon for this because he introduced himself to me as Baby” Before I finish the sentence Damon comes up behind me and...

Wraps his hands around my waste as he speaks softly in my ear to his friend and I. “Sharing is caring, babe, but would you share us?” Did he just ask me that? Did he just fucking ask me if I want to SHARE THEM? As in, BOTH AT THE SAME TIME????? He’s kidding, right?

“Now boys what kind of lady would I be if I did such a thing after just meeting you??” I know exactly what I’d be, daddies little slut for two, make me cum and make me drool! Fuck yes I want them but...two guys at once? My nerves start to set in for a moment..

Damon spins me around slowly and tucks my loose hair behind my ear and grazes my jawline with his fingertips. His eyes are tracing my body and his lips are curious, almost as if he’s hesitating to ask something or... Maybe he’s.... “I promise we can treat you like a lady”

Oh he meant it and it’s almost as if he can feel my body submitting to his words and he steps closer and pulls my head to his chest. His friend comes up behind me now and his hand reaches swiftly but gracefully between my thighs as his skin teases mine for the first time.

“Damon, not here” And without even asking they lead me around the party and into a guest house where they allow me to pause and take it all in for a moment. “Are y’all really about to fuck me at the same time, together?????” They both chuckle and the atmosphere becomes cozy.

Damon purrs “listen baby girl, every once in a while we have a party and a girl comes along like you..”

Greyson continues “and we just want a little taste and it’s fun to watch you pleased by another”

Damons eyes light up “You followed us back to the house, did you not?” “Well yes but..I’ve never done this before...

Greyson goes to grab us a few drinks while Damon leads me to a huge living room and wrap around couch for 20. He sits me down in front of him and starts to unbutton his jeans.. he tips my chin so my gaze meets his and his eyes are so warm and inviting..I almost forget about...

“Starting without me already? And here I went to go get drinks” Greyson chuckles as he sets down our drinks and cozies up next to me, his hand quickly moving past my panties and finding my already wet pussy. “oh baby girllll, you really do want this don’t you?”

”yeah” I moan as the man I met not 20 minutes ago inserts his fingers inside me and silences me with a kiss.

“I want you to put this cock in your mouth, come here” I take it willingly as my spit drenches his cock and I feel him grow into my throat

He slowly thrusts deeper into my mouth as he swells inside me. He forces me to choke on it once and then releases me “Good girl, do you like choking on daddies cock?”

“Mhmmm” He forces his cock back into my throat while Greyson picks me up and sits me on his lap.

My mouth is drooling all over his hard thick cock as Greyson lifts me up just enough to slip his tip across my wet hole. He uses me to soak his shaft before he enters me and we all three simultaneously moan together. “Oh fuck” is all I manage to moan before...

..his cock is back, deep inside my throat again and my moans turn to muffled whimpers of ecstasy. Greyson slowly slides his cock deep inside my dripping hole and with every thrust he pushes a little deeper and a little harder. I’m overwhelmed with the feeling of them both... be continued...if you want ;)

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